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Handy Furniture Fix
Handy Furniture Fix

At Handy Furniture Fix, we have honed our expertise in the precise assembly of Ikea furniture, Acoustic panels and Office Furniture. Operating under the umbrella of Forwell Furniture and Marketing Services, a company focused on furniture and acoustic products, we bring forth a specialized offering. Catering to the needs of our furniture buyers, we have seamlessly integrated installation services within our expertise. Through Handy Furniture Fix, Forwell Furniture extends this invaluable service to all clients seeking seamless installations. Our accomplished team specializes in a range of installations, including Ikea furniture and Office furniture, among others outlined in the comprehensive list below. You are welcome to reach out to us for a complimentary quote, or alternatively, fill out the provided form for an instantaneous response from our proficient installation coordination office.



  • IKEA furniture assembly

  • Office furniture

  • Acoustic Panels

  • Wood Furniture 

  • Metal Furniture 

  • Baby Furniture 

  • Patio/Ourdoor Furniture 

  • Sofas and loveseats

  • Bed frame, including bunk beds and sleigh beds

  • Kitchen table and dining room tables

  • Kitchen island, cabinets and carts

  • Chairs (ergonomic, dining, etc.)

  • Recliners and massage chairs

  • Bookcases and shelves

  • Entertainment centers (including mounting TVs)

  • Storage racks

  • Doors

Handyfurniturefix is a brand belonging to Forwell Furniture & Marketing Services

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